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Feeling stuck in an uninspired life? Ever wonder “Is this all there is”?
Are you taking care of everyone else and forget what it feels like to truly feel alive?
You’ve come to the right place! It’s time to...
Ignite A Life You Love!

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Learn from our incredible line-up of expert speakers who will share practical tips and techniques to:

  • Master the Fears that keep you from being your Best Self
  • Access your Inner Wisdom so you never get stuck in Analysis Paralysis again
  • Ecstasy: Understand how Sex and Money are intimately connected and learn to create an orgasmic life with Passion and Prosperity
  • Thrive: Learn the Keys to Thriving after Narcissistic Abuse
  • Transform Relationships: Learn powerful tools for Compassionate Communication
  • ...And so much more!

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rhonda brittenFeaturing Rhonda Britten on Fearless Living.

Rhonda is and Emmy-Award winner and repeat Oprah guest, host of NBC reality show Starting Over and named its “most valuable player” by The New York Times. Also a best selling author, TedX speaker, recipient of the “Coach of the Year,” and blog favorite at HuffingtonPost.

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Check out what people are saying about these amazing speakers:

Rhonda Britten

Rhonda Britten has risen from the ashes of genuine catastrophe. She has seen the deepest darkness, and found her way beyond it. Hers was not an easy path, by any means. What she has accomplished within herself, and now helps others to accomplish as well, is nothing short of miraculous.”

Marianne Williamson, spiritual thought leader, author A Return to Love

I am compelled to write a review of Fearless Living because my experience of its content has absolutely rocked my world and changed my life! It's not just about releasing fear, it's about true freedom from old cycles. Moving up... moving on! The words are to be savored and the exercises experienced!”

Josie Sullivan

Joanna Intara Zim

Joanna Intara Zim has a rare depth of perception of humans that includes the subtleties of lineage and karma to a most astounding degree. She is committed and skillful in helping people become free of these karmas, so they might express more fully their innate creativity – beyond the confines of trauma and limitation. She is one in a million.”

Stuart Sovatsky, Ph.D

I can give rave reviews about working with Joanna Zim. She touches into the sacred with the same depth that she tracks your story and then delivers you out the other side. I love this woman! First Class Lady…”

Caroline Muir

Dennis Gabrial Smith

I am so happy I made this step! In a very short time, I was able to connect with my spiritual guidance. I do not have to go through hours of meditating to get answers. I can receive answers to my questions right away!. I am amazed at how my received guidance holds true. My deepest appreciation to you Dennis!”

Alica Hurley , Owner/Amazing Living Radio Studios Nassau, TX

There are few moments in everyone's life, grand, very intense and powerful; when you know without a shadow of a doubt you've been touched by an angel. I wish I could express how grateful I am for my new playground of light, but sometimes words fail. So I will simple say, THANK YOU ... for my new Inner vision!”

Nicoleta Chesaru, Inner Fashion Designer NYC

Linda Kroll

In just one session with Linda Kroll, I gained insight into a stumbling block in my relationship that I thought was impassable. Her clarity and intelligence cut through my defenses allowing me to see the ways in which I was sabotaging myself. She is a serious and effective therapist who continues to give me the courage to face my painful past and the tools to break free from destructive patterns. I am very grateful for her presence in my life and awed by her extraordinary skill.”


When you’re stuck or unhappy in your closest relationships, it’s easy to lose faith in yourself and in life. Linda helped me to regain that trust. Even though my family was unwilling to participate in the process, Linda taught me new ways to approach old patterns…I’ve experienced significant improvements in my relationship with my husband and children. I was enduring a contentious marriage and now both of us have reached a place of reconciliation. For me, this is the key: Linda guides you to re-frame your story with compassion for yourself AND all your significant relationships, even the most difficult and hurtful. Thank you with all my heart, Linda!”


Maria Appelqvist

I have worked as a news journalist and a freelance journalist for 30 years. I have never seen anyone create change with people as quickly as Maria. Maria is a both Natures Force as well as gentle and sincere. She adapts quickly to the level of  the client. There is no doubt that the people who will get the best results with Maria are the courageous ones. She is truly one of the great people in the world.”

Erika Mikaelsson

Maria Appelqvist is an explorer. She literally travels to the edges of humanity and brings back new information and expansion for her community. I loved watching her did that with life coaching and now with sexuality and success. Maria is wise beyond her time. Her courage to lead and be the front person to invite her community to follow and expand is admirable and inspiring. She is also an excellent loving coach. Who can break into the deep spiritual well being of her clients and help them bring forth their truth and wisdom. I am a life long fan.”

Mai Vu

Melanie Tonia Evans

I was led to Melanie's website by God. I know I would have died had I not received revelation about narc abuse and how to heal myself. I am so grateful to Melanie for saving mine and so many other people's lives. She is priceless.”

Lisa Juergen, USA

As a Specialist Counselor, author, lecturer and researcher for the past 25 years standing, I can truly say that I yet have to find a person of Melanie's caliber, who having suffered narcissistic abuse herself, who truly lives his/her passion as Melanie does. Her energy from hour to hour, day to day, in using her own experience of recovering from narcissistic abuse to help others, is astounding and a pleasure to behold.”

Dr. Thinus Coetzee, Provost Professor and Specialist Counselor, Member Amnesty International.

Jen Mavros

Jen Mavros is one of the most high vibrational human beings I've ever had the honor to meet. If you have the opportunity to be with her or to work with her, go for it. Her very presence will shift who you are. Your life will improve in ways beyond what you can comprehend. Jen will remind you of how amazing you are. You can't help but to feel your best around her. Her work will shift who you are on the inside so that you can create the wealth, love, and life of your dreams... If you are feeling called to work with Jen, just do it. You won't regret it.”

Kavita Leela Arora

The work of Jen Mavros has completely shifted my world, with her deep soul searching, her courage to stay aligned with truth, her humbleness to accept, and to channel such profound wisdom has awaken within me a true respect for her and her work.  Not many people walk the walk and she truly does. I am a witness to her pure soul and her passion to love and serve others. Jen teaches, by example, what true Manifestation and love really is. Thank you Jen, for being such a light in my life and a light to others.”

Monica Pelayo

Jeff Cloud

I love working with Jeff! He has so many gifts to share with the world. He makes me feel safe and empowered when I am down and afraid and don't know what to do. He is a tremendously insightful coach that has helped me in so many ways. He has wonderful mirroring capabilities and really makes communication safe and free. Jeff is one of those rare individuals that has truly done his work and his powerful reflections and insights have me seeing how life works in a completely different way. As a result of working with him, I am a completely different person. Confident, happy, and empowered!”

Candice G. Honolulu, Hawaii

Jeff has a way of getting right to the “core” issue and opening our eyes to new ways of seeing things by reflecting back his powerful and honest wisdom. I am so grateful for his unwillingness to let me hold onto my old limiting patterns and stories. He does it in such a kind and soft way. My work with him has created lasting change that I couldn’t seem to get out of any books or courses.”

Stephanie L. Sedona, AZ

A Word From Your Host Gina Hatzis

  • Have you asked yourself “Is this all there is?”
  • Do you find yourself lacking passion, purpose, vitality and joy in your life?
  • Do you sometimes feel like you let yourself down?


Gina at cafeDarling, it’s time to finally release yourself from this space of frustration, regret and worry and begin to Ignite a Life You Love...The life you were meant to live.

My name is Gina and for the past 20 years as a journalist turned speaker, and founder of Project Passion International, I've worked with countless brilliant and fabulous people just like you who have found themselves stuck in lives void of happiness, meaning and passion.

That's why I feel so privileged to be your host for this special global event where I've hand-picked inspiring thought leaders and experts who will share their empowering messages and tools with you to ignite meaningful and immediate shifts in your life.

Life is precious. Happiness is your birthright. It’s your time.

I truly hope you’ll join me and our Soul brothers and Souls sisters across the globe for this uplifting event. See ya there!

Big Love,

Gina xo

5% of the proceeds from this event will be donated to Because I am a Girl which invests in young girls’ education, health and empowerment around the world. My global mission is to uplift girls around the world and empower them to design lives of purpose, service and joy. 

 "I am only one, but I am still one. I cannot do everything, but I can still do something. I will not refuse to do the something I can do." — Helen Keller

Here’s what people are saying:

“I’ve done tons and tons of interviews – I mean a lot! Gina really has something special going on. Her tone, her connection, the way she weaves in and out of the questions, segueing naturally every time…She really has a gift for this. It was an honor to work with her.”

Janet Bray Attwood
Best-selling author of The Passion Test

This summit was so incredibly powerful! I was like a giddy child anticipating each new speaker. I took so much away and felt so inspired. I am even beginning to write again for the first time in 6 years and am proudly on track to publishing my first book later this year! 

Ermagine R., Australia

Wow! Gina was phenomenal. I have done so many of these and I must say this interview was one of the best. Gina is a natural and she will win your heart with her passion and authenticity.

Derek Rydal
Best selling author Emergence

I loved the summit- every minute. I learned something new from every speaker- and I have been trying to apply a learning from each one. I especially loved discussing the interviews with my sister and two friends. We decided to meet every Sunday for breakfast to talk about one thing we learned and it was the highlight of my week! Each one of us has made changes in our lives. My sister has registered for a nursing program (a dream for many years), my friend lost 7 stubborn pounds and I started painting again. I even sold my first piece last week! I feel so much more focused and alive and even my husband is wondering what happened! Thank you Gina! 

S. Pauly, NY

Gina is truly a breath of fresh air! Her energy, passion and authenticity make every event a stellar experience!

Josie D.

Gina is the best. Absolutely the best. Professional, authentic, witty, warm. She is Powerhouse! I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity.

Jackie Woodside
NY Times Best Selling Author of Calming the Chaos

With courage, authenticity and generosity, Gina shares the learning journey with us. Her message always resonates so deeply with me and helps me really look at my life with a new perspective. I can hardly wait for the next one!

Sonia D. Toronto, Canada

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