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Joanna Intara Zim

Your Sacred Transformation - Shifting into Greater Love and Wisdom

joanna-zimJoanna Intara Zim is a modern day psycho-spiritual guide, teacher and healer, a massive courage awakener who delivers her programs to hundreds of women, men and couples every year on the topics of sacred Transformation, life -changing healing, deep empowerment and soulful loving and being.

In our interview, Joanna talks about...

  • A new definition for transformation (instead of the BS we have been told)
  • The Rip Tide Metaphor as a way of moving through difficulty in our lives
  • Why we need to trash the polarizing 'good' and 'bad' labels we put on our experiences
  • 4 steps to Being with our uncomfortable feelings
  • The difference between being present with our emotions and wallowing in them

The Awakened Full Courage Journey for $97


Awakened Courage – Full Journey

Give yourself the opportunity to rise up in your true soul strength, love and wisdom into a fuller expression of your desired and Awakened Courage. Here's what you'll get...

  • 12 Awakened Courage Audios, beautifully recorded with you in mind
  • The Companion Awakened Courage – Full Journey gorgeously designed PDF, filled with soul calling prompts, invitations, and other juiciness
  • Your Transformation Elixir – Empathy Audio that you’ll want to have with you on the journey ahead. In it, I share my four step process and how to activate The Sacred Remedy that will help you soften,unravel and liberate any challenge back to love, presence, and peace.
  • You will step through the door to experiencing a radical difference in your life instead of being stuck on the hamster wheel, in the daily grind, watching your life slip by
  • You will have a way to overcome neurotic, time-wasting mental and emotional turmoil. You can say goodbye to the unrelenting pain patterns in your daily life that rob you of your precious life energy and keep you locked in bondage
  • You will release limitation, mental pain, and emotional struggle and add ease and fun to your inner and outer life
  • You will discover how to harmonize your unique discoveries and awaken a stronger and more empowered version of yourself right at the edges of what matters most
  • BONUS! Discover your Authentic Heart Type! Take the Quiz and find out what’s blocking you from Love, and let your natural love gifts shine right into your challenges. You will receive a personalized result, heart healing mantra, and Free Your Heart Guide

The Awakened Full Courage Journey PLUS Your Sacred Transformation Session with Joanna for $297


In this upgraded package, you will receive the entire Awakened Courage Full Journey  and Authentic Heart Type quiz PLUS a 50 minute Sacred Transformation session with Joanna.

In a supportive environment, you’ll receive her fearless love and wisdom so you can begin to embody your authentic genius, life, and soul calling now.

    The last 10 to 12 years I’ve been going through a huge transformational journey with my own personal growth work, cycle-breaking, and breaking down the barriers of what I thought was. Through that time, Joanna has been an amazing support to me. She is a gentle spirit, and her wisdom is fierce and beautiful. There have been many times over the years that I have come up against a place that is really stuck: the floor has fallen out from underneath me, and I’ve been unable to see how to really go forward. And the reflection Joanna is able to provide for me in those times is absolutely amazing. Her grace, groundedness, love, and compassion for what IS, is reassuring on so many levels. Joanna has helped me to really see that I can find the way through on my own, with some gentle reassurance and maybe some reflection and mirroring. Ultimately, she is holding space for what I already know. I would absolutely, wholeheartedly recommend Joanna and the work that she does and the space that she holds. I have felt safe with Joanna, I feel held, I feel seen. I am so grateful for the presence that she’s had in my personal journey and that she will have in your journey as well. - Lara Sodergren Sebastapol, CA

    "Joanna Intara Zim has a rare depth of perception of humans that includes the subtleties of lineage and karma to a most astounding degree. She is committed and skillful in helping people become free of these karmas, so they might express more fully their innate creativity – beyond the confines of trauma and limitation. She is one in a million.”  -Stuart Sovatsky, Ph.D

    I can give rave reviews about working with Joanna Zim. She touches into the sacred with the same depth that she tracks your story and then delivers you out the other side. I love this woman! First Class Lady…” - Caroline Muir

    “Joanna is one of the most insightful, wise women I know. She can see patterns clearly and is great at helping one map their way to creating the life they want. Rigorous honesty, deep compassion and honest self appraisal are qualities Joanna possesses. I truly appreciate the growth work we’ve done together.” - Kassie Welch